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TeamViewer 5.1.9290

TeamViewer Editor's Review

TeamViewer is one of the best remote access application around at the moment. It's very easy to use and offers smooth user experience. More, it seems to overcomes all the usual difficulties associated with accessing a computer remotely. You don't need to know any IP addresses or make any firewall reconfiguration. It works like a charm even if you want to access a computer that is behind a very complex network with several routers, switches and other devices.

As soon as you run the software executable, you'll have two options: one is to install the software, and the second is to run it directly without install. In order to connect to a remote computer, you'll have to know who things: the ID and password of the second computer. If you chose to run the software without install, the password will be randomly generated every time you run the application, however, you can install the software and set a stable password. Of course you can also set the application to start every time your OS does among other options so all you'll have to know is the ID and password and you can be sure you'll access the other computer.

When you had granted access, you'll see a window that displays the screen of the other computer on your own screen. You can use your mouse and keyboard to control the other computer remotely as if you were sitting in front of it, regardless of distance between computers. While you're in control, you'll see a drop-down toolbar in the center of the window. Using the toolbar, you can close the connection using the "X" button, you can disable the remote input using the actions menu, you can adjust the screen resolution, the screen quality (speed vs quality) and control multiple-monitor displays. More then this, the application gracefully integrates File Transfer, VPN, VoIP audio and video conferencing and more.

Pluses:Free for non-corporate use; support for Windows, Mac, Linux and iPhone; no need to install the software - you can directly run it; very efficient; smooth user experience;

Drawbacks / flaws:

In conclusion: I like this app very much. An excellent remote access application that is very useful for home users, but also powerful enough to satisfy the requirements of business users.

version reviewed: 5.0.8625

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